Sunday, 15 December 2013 19:54

November 2013 Human Rights Violations Report

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The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (HEYET) renewed her call to the bodies and international organizations concerned with the defense of human rights, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League to take an immediate action for intervention to stop arbitrary arrests, flagrant violations and abusive practices committed by current Maliki Government and his repressive apparatuses against innocent Iraqis.

Human Rights Department of HEYET emphasized that during November 2013, it monitored 140 raid and search campaigns of different government security agencies where 1139 innocent civilians including three women were arrested. During the attacks nine civilians were killed by the same government forces.

HEYET monthly human rights report pointed out that high number of detainees were from the provinces and regions that are located on the routes used by Ashora visitors on the pretext of pre-cautionary measures and to protect roads alleged by government forces. 

The report stressed that the given 1139 arrest was just based on official statements and statistics whereas there are dozens of human rights abuses, attacks, raids, murders and arrests by so-called Homeland Security Department, so-called Awakening Council, Peshmerga and other militia forces. 

At the end of the report, HEYET fully hold fifth occupation government responsible for the continuation of unfair, disriminate arrests of civilians that turned Iraq into a big prison where the most heinous crimes are committed in the name of freedom and democracy. HEYET demanded government to immediately release all the innocent detainees. 


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