Wednesday, 08 January 2014 20:01

December 2013 Human Rights Violations Report

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Human Rights Department of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (HEYET) shared its annual human rights violations report. December 2013 report showed that Maliki security forces carried out 146 raids where they have killed 15 civilians and arrested 1605 innocent civilians including 4 women. 

According to the report of HEYET, Maliki forces raided 15 provinces and arrested civilians as following: 

Salahaddin: 352

Wasit: 226

Dhikar: 187

Diyala: 157

Anbar: 138

Ninova: 130

Baghdad: 106

Tamim: 82

Babil: 75

Kadisiya: 72

Basra: 38

Karbala: 26

Maysan: 11

Muthanna: 3

Najaf: 2

HEYET Human Rights Department pointed out that the statistics have based upon the official statements of Interior and Defense Ministry of Maliki Government only whereas so-called National Security Directorate and militias taking direct order from Maliki are also raiding and arresting civilians in many places. In addition to that Shiite Militias, Sahwa Militias and Peshmarga Militias are doing the same like government security forces in targeting civilians, executions and arrests. However the exact number of arrests are unknown. 


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