Sunday, 09 February 2014 21:09

January 2014: 1450 Iraqis Arrested

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The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (HEYET) published monthly report of human rights abuses and violations perpetrated by Maliki Government in January, 2014. HEYET report pointed out that government security forces carried out 161 raids and attacks in 13 provinces resulting in arresting of 1450 citizens and murder of 69 others. 

The report shared the following details on the numbers of arrested citizens and provinces: 

1- Nineveh, 226 arrested

2- Wasit, 194 arrested

3- Miysan, 188 arrested

4- Dhikar, 139 arrested

5- Anbar 132 arrested

6- Salahaddin 130 arrested

7- Baghdad, 117 arrested

8- Diyala, 113 arrested

9- Qadisiya, 95 arrested

10- Tamim, 50 arrested

11- Basra, 37 tutuklu

12, Babil, 27 arrested

13- Karbala, 2 arrested

HEYET stressed that the given numbers in the report is included only the official statements and release of current Justice and Interior Ministries whereas there are unknown attacks and arrest campaigns carried out by so-called anti-terror units, Maliki's office security forces, Kurdish peshmerga forces, Sahwa militias and other sectarian milita forces throughout the country. 

HEYET reiterated that Iraq has become an open, big prison where horrible tortures, violations and abuses are committed under the pretext of democracy, war on terror and etc by the current government. Calling international community, human rights organizations and related bodies, HEYET demanded an immediate action to help those innocent civilians in the prisons. 


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