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UN: More than 1,700 killed and 2000 wounded in Iraq in July

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More than 1,700 people were killed, mainly civilians, and no less than 2000 others wounded in Iraq in last July, the United Nations said Friday, making it one of the deadliest months of the year.

The civilian casualities were mostly due to indiscriminate shelling the civilian areas carried out by government's troops, warplanes, and pro-government sectarian militias against Sunnis across much of the country, this dangerous situation reflects lawlessness that the country witnessed since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The UN mission to Iraq said in its monthly statement that at least 1,737 people were killed in July, some 1200 of them were civilians, while the rest were elements of the government security troops, SWAT forces and Kurdish Peshmerga, pointing out that the casualities in Anbar province not including in the published figures.

The mission also said that no less than 1978 people were injured in Iraq in last July, half of them were women and children, about 1200 were civilians and the rest were members of the government security troops, the casualities in Anbar province not including in the published figures as well.

The statement said, Minimum Security Incidents Recorded during the last month stood at (400) accidents in different parts of Iraq, including 62 air strike left at least 823 dead and wounded and (30) accident was caused by cars bombs, improvised explosive devices and suicide attacks, caused the deaths and injuries (535) people.

The United Nations expressed deep concern at the high number of casualties among the civilians in Iraq, particularly children and women who are most at risk.

The latest figure is considerably higher than May, but less than in June, noting that the latest toll includes an increase in killings in areas of the uprising provinces, because of the criminal acts of the government troops supported by sectarian militias that fighting there.

The UN mission in Iraq has announced on the first of last July the death and injury of (4704) people due to the violence during the last month of June, also the figure excluded the casualties in province of Anbar, while the higher number of victims was in Baghdad .

Calls for the outgoing Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the Shiite, to resign have intensified since the war against Iraqi people began, with critics accusing him of monopolizing power and alienating other country's components.

In announcing the latest casualty figures, the UN mission again called on the country's feuding politicians to set aside their differences and form an inclusive government.

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