Palestine: A new aerial shelling carried out by the Israeli warplanes on (Beit Lahia) in the besieged Gaza Strip; resulted in 3 martyrs, & raised the number to 10, including the leader of the Islamic Jihad(Bahaa Abu al-Atta)& his wife at dawn Tuesday (12-11 -2019).
Palestine : The Israeli occupation police have assaulted a group of Jerusalemites who have been stationed since the morning of Sunday (October 20, 2019) at (Bab al-Silsila) , praying and reading the Koran; in conjunction with storming Al-Aqsa by settlers.
Islamic Waqf Department in Jerusalem: (389) extremists stormed Al-Aqsa following the calls of Jewish groups; under the guard of the Zionist police who arrested a worshiper when he explained information to Muslim students about Bab al-Rahma, in the eastern side of the masjid  
Anadolu news Agency: The Zionist police took worshipers from (Bab al-Rahma) in Al-Aqsa into to (investigation) while more than 90 Jewish extremists were storming into the courtyards of the masjid with the support of the occupation forces.
Palestine: The Israeli police have closed the gates of Al-Aqsa Masjid to protect (235) extremist settlers storming the courtyards from Moroccans door while the occupation forces have imposed a ban on Palestinian territories under the pretext of(celebration of the Hebrew New Year)
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