(Brett McGurk):The US National Security Adviser John Bolton who dismissed by Trump ;previously proposed to the US administration what he called "new &huge" aspects such as:expelling Iran&changing regime in Syria;but the administration claimed that its resources were not enough.
Press reports: In a period not exceeding 6 months; (30) journalists injured by the Zionist occupation army near the besieged Gaza Strip, in the context of the ongoing crimes of the occupation forces against the Palestinian people.
United Nations International Commission of Inquiry: The international coalition led by Washington, Russia, and the forces of the regime of Bashar al-Assad with his Iranian allies; all committed war crimes and human rights violations in Syria.
The International Union of Arab Journalists: Al-Nahda Pioneers in Ahwaz assert the Iranian regime's desire to execute(22) Ahwazi in September,in parallel with the threat of their families with punishments if they communicate with the media to show their sons fate in prisons.
Palestine: Confrontations have erupted between students from(Birzeit University) & the Israeli occupation army in the occupied West Bank who attacked a march of students with rubber bullets &gas bombs after the death of (Bassam Sayeh) detained in the Israeli jails since 4 years.
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