Save the Children International: 420 million children have been at risk of living in conflict areas over the past two years: Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and elsewhere, making up 18 percent of the world's children which are the most affected group by war and conflict.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health: The Zionist occupation army have killed two Palestinians,including a child,and injured (17), after shooting them with live bullets during their participation in the march of return,near the security fence in the east of the besieged Gaza Strip.
Palestine/Press sources: Dozens of injuries among Palestinians resulted when the the Zionist occupation army attacked the participants in the (marches of the return) on the borders of the besieged Gaza Strip.
Palestinian Ministry of Health: The Zionist occupation forces have killed a young man and injured 22 others,including children and suffocating; by firing live bullets and gas bombs at participants in the return marches , near the eastern border of the besieged Gaza Strip.
Palestine :6 Palestinians were injured and dozens of cases of suffocation occurred when clashes erupted with the Zionist army in many areas of the occupied West Bank as a result of dispersing the marches after Friday prayers to denounce the settlement of the occupation forces.
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