Palestine/The Palestinian Prisoners Authority: The number of Palestinian prisoners in the Zionist occupation forces rhas eached 6,500 people, including 350 children and 62 women, as well as 1,800 patients, about half of whom need urgent medical care .
Syrian Human Rights Network: 16 Syrians were killed in torture in the prisons of Bashar al-Assad regime. Last October, the total number of victims killed was 949 since the beginning of 2018. The regime systematically commits torture crimes according to sectarian and racist basis
Quotations The United Nations admits that the government authorities in Myanmar are committing abuses against the Rohingya Muslims, amounting to genocide and ethnic cleansing.
Palestine/ Press sources: The Zionist occupation forces killed 3 Palestinian children when they shelled the areas in the east of (Khan Younis) south of the besieged Gaza Strip.
Palestine/ The Palestinian Ministry of Health: The Zionist occupation forces killed 5 Palestinians and injured dozens when they fired bullets during their participation in the march of return on the eastern border of the besieged Gaza Strip.
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