Anadolu News Agency:10 people were injured on(14-5-2019)amid unconfirmed reports of the death of two after shooting protesters by the government forces in front of the(Green Zone),while others were detained due to their demands to restore their jobs they had been dismissed from
Palestinians are coming along the eastern border of the Gaza Strip to participate in the return marches to break the siege on the 71st anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba,while the West Bank is witnessing marches &calls for the return of the refugees &departure of the occupation
The Palestinian Ministry of Health: (30) Palestinians were injured; when the Zionist occupation army attacked the participants in the march of return east of the besieged Gaza Strip ; on the seventy-first anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba
Al-Jazeera:At least 5 masjids were partially destroyed in the early days of Ramadan when Bashar al-Assad regime & Russia shelled the countryside of Idlib, masjids are usually on the list of targets resulting in preventing people of performing prayers
The Jerusalem Islamic Awqaf:(180.000)worshipers performed the 1st Friday prayers of Ramadan in Al-Aqsa Masjid,after the occupation forces banned the arriving of Palestinians under the age of 40 years of the population of the West Bank & all residents of Gaza to perform Prayer.
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