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Monday, 19 October 2015 09:38

German Pro-Refugee Candidate Stabbed in Her Neck

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The German mayoral independent candidate Henriette Reker, of the western city of Cologne, has been stabbed by a man alleged his denial the policies on refugees.
Reker was campaigning Saturday in an open-air market, handing out roses to pedestrians, when a middle-aged man approached her and asked for a flower.
A man who said he disapproved of her liberal stance on refugees stabbed her in the neck a day before voters went to the polls.
"When she tried to give him one, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the neck," campaign spokesman Frederik Schorn told reporters.
Later, the suspect vented to officers his disapproval of the candidate's liberal policies on refugees and criticized those of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to German media reports.
Four other people sustained injuries in the attack. Police say they believe the 44-year-old man acted alone. He was carrying two knives, one of them a combat knife.
After the attack Cologne Mayor candidate was in need to an emergency operation, but she is out of danger now, according to the doctors.
“The operation of woman Reker went very well “, said Professor Bernd Böttiger, director of the Department of Anesthesiology and Operative Intensive Care Medicine of the University Hospital of Cologne.
While Reker recovered from her injuries, a judge ruled Sunday that the suspect accused of attacking her must stay in jail until his trial.
Schorn said the attack, which occurred in a German city that prides itself on diversity and tolerance, was an isolated incident - but still a frightening sign of tensions.
"In the immigrant crisis and the refugee crisis, we have a very controversial debate in Germany, and ... there's an active right wing shouting out its propaganda," he said, "and some people are just accessible for that."
But that didn't stop German mayoral candidate Henriette Reker from winning Sunday's election. The independent candidate, who's expected to make a full recovery, is poised to become the next mayor of the western city of Cologne. Preliminary election results indicate she soared to victory, winning more than 52% of the vote.
While, the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party finished in fourth place in the Cologne mayoral race with 4% of the vote. Turnout stood at only 40% of eligible voters. & agencies.
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