Tuesday, 15 April 2014 11:43

Australia Curtail the task of submarine searching for the Malaysian airplane.

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The Australian authorities curtailed on Tuesday the first mission of a submarine robot to search for the missing Malaysian plane at the bottom of the Malaysian Indian Ocean , after exceeded the depth of schedule at 4500 meters .
The news reports appeared that, the submarine uninhabited of the U.S. Navy ( bluefin 21) assembled with a radar ( sonar ) to work underwater , was sent to the bottom on Monday evening on the board ship "Ocean Shield" which manages the search for the missing plane since the eighth of March South Indian Ocean .. noting that ( bluefin 21) underwater was ushered in a new phase in the search for the Malaysian passenger plane , which was carrying 239 people, mostly from China, which has lost far off from Kuala Lumpur, its destination was Beijing .
The news attributed to the Joint Center of Agencies Coordination in charge of the organization of the research said : " After nearly six hours from the start of the mission, ( bluefin 21) was on depth limit of 4500 meters and returned to the surface ," .. explaining that the informations collected during the first task be analyzed at this time .
The news drew attention that it was supposed to continue the task of the submarine mechanism (16) hours, but Captain (Mark Matthews ) , one of the U.S. Navy - which is involved in research work with other countries - explained that the submarine reached the maximum capacity therefore returned to the surface .


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