Saturday, 17 May 2014 16:12

Deadly sectarian conflict kills 31 in Central African Republic

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According to news reports published on Friday ; that thirty-one people were killed ; in fresh deadly clashes between fighters, Muslims and Christians, in the Central African Republic this week .

The reports said that the fighting broke out last Monday outside the town Dekoa, about 300 kilometers north of the capital Bangui, pointing out that the tow sides of the fighting are silica movement gunmen, which included the majority of the muslim fighters , and militiamen belonging to the christian anti-balaka group .

This fighting came, which intensified as a response to the massacre committed by the christian militia against muslims in the town last month , in the context of the violence that led to the displacement of thousands of muslims out of the country , was also killed a large number of them at the hands of those christian militias .

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