Wednesday, 21 May 2014 10:03

The solidarity with hunger strike prisoners in Zionist's jails

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Continue in the occupied West Bank , the activities of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails , at a time when the number of strikers suffering from a sharp deterioration in their health may lead to death.

The press sources said that dozens of families of prisoners and the representatives of organizations and the civil powers of politics in the city of Hebron took part on Monday in two 'set-in's, one in front of the headquarters of the Red Cross International Committee, and the other in the city ( Doura )  in solidarity with the more than 150 prisoners in Israeli jails on hunger strike since (26 ) days in protest against the continued detention without administratively charges, and without specifying the timetable for their release .

The sources quoted ( Amjad Najjar ) director of Prisoners' Club in the city of Hebron, saying , "officers of the Zionist Department of Corrections have threatened the prisoners leaving them to face death." .. Stressing that he did not hold any dialogue or negotiation sessions to end the strike, with the continuation of punitive measures against the prisoners .

The responsibility for the deterioration of the conditions of the Palestinian prisoners rests with the International Committee of the Red Cross, because of its silence about Zionism's repressive measures, and do not write any report or document relating to the prisoners on hunger strike til now, Najjar said.

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