Saturday, 31 May 2014 09:47

About 2000 killed in Aleppo, Syrian Observatory says

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the air strikes carried out by Assad Regime air forces on northern city of Aleppo, using 'barrel bombs' and other munitions, killing so far 1963 civilians, including 567 children, in the first half of ongoing year.

In the same context, the Observatory said that the use of the explosive 'barrel bombs' by Assad regime recently increased despite international calls; the United Nations has said that the use of the Syrian government to these explosives in populated areas in Aleppo amounted to indiscriminate shelling which is prohibited by international humanitarian law.

Assad Regime helicopters have began air strikes on residential neighborhoods in several areas in the country; since mid-December; uses the 'barrel bombs' stuffed with explosives and shrapnel.

In another context; Turkish News Agency Anadolu said : The increase of air strikes pace carried out by Syrian regime led to higher number of Syrians to resort to Turkey, pointing out that about  4500 refugees crossed border in the last three days through the south-east crossing between Turkey and syria. & agencies.

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