Sunday, 01 June 2014 13:45

Volcanic Ash Obstructs Flights in Australia

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Australia has canceled some international flights, and all domestic flights from Darwin International Airport, north the capital Canberra; after the volcano eruption of mount 'Sangeang Api' in Indonesia, which launched a large clouds of ash.

The billowing clouds of volcanic ash have forced airlines in northern Australia and Bali to cancel flights Saturday. Mount 'Sangeang Api' began spewing ash on Friday. The volcano is located on an unoccupied island in southern Indonesia.

"The volcano is undergoing a sustained, rather significant eruption at the moment," Emile Jansons, manager of the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, told Reuters.

Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar have all canceled flights, affecting hundreds of passengers, according to the BBC.

Flights could still be canceled through the rest of the week.

Volcanic ash is very dangerous to planes, as it can severely damage their engines, according to the BBC.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said the country's services could be affected for days, as the cloud of ash moves south.

Mount 'Sangeang Api' is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. There are no residents on the island of Sangeang Api, after an eruption forced everyone to leave In 1988, the BBC reported. There are about 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia. & agencies.

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