Wednesday, 04 June 2014 14:36

Hamdallah calls for curb Zionist threats

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The Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah, has urged the international institutions to intervene to stop the Zionist pressures and threats against the Palestinian people, amid of Arab support and U.S. caution over the formation of the new national unity government.

Hamdallah said in a press conference after cabinet meeting, the stress of his government to resist all pressures of the Zionist entity, where ministerial committee for national security decided a number of actions in response to formation of a government of the Palestinian consensus .

Hamdallah commenting on the ministry of prisoners, which was a debate matter between Fatah and Hamas, said: "The ministry still within the composition of the government .. blaming the Zionist entity full responsible for the lives of more than 150 Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike for about 40 days demanding to abolish the administrative detention.

The new Palestinian government has took, on Monday, the constitutional oath before President, Mahmoud Abbas, after a reconciliation agreement between the two main factions - Fatah and Hamas - has been reached in the twenty-third of April, ending a state of schism lasted for about seven years .

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