Friday, 06 June 2014 09:38

Zionist Entity approves new settlements in occupied Palestine

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OCCUPIED JERUSALEM - Zionist Occupation gave the final go-ahead Thursday to build nearly 1,500 new settlement units in West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, saying the construction was a response to the formation of the Palestinian unity government backed by the Islamist Hamas.

The move triggered international criticism and deepens a rift between Zionist Entity and its Western allies. Angered by the world's embrace of the unity government, the Occupation's housing minister said the new construction was "just the beginning."

Zionist Entity has been sparring with its allies in Washington and Europe since Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas swore in the unity government Monday.

Zionist Entity has asked the world to shun the new government because it is backed by Hamas. The European Union and the United States, along with Zionist Occupation, consider Hamas a terrorist group.

Earlier, Zionist Occupation said any government that is backed by Hamas is unacceptable. But for now, both the U.S. and EU have said they will give the new government a chance and will continue funneling hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Abbas.

This week, the Zionist Entity Prime Minister said he was "deeply troubled" by the U.S. stance, putting him at odds with his closest and most important ally. + associated press.

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