The Zionist occupation forces and the government forces in Iraq; arrested hundreds of Palestinian civilians and Iraqis, in September 2018.
Palestine/The Palestinian Ministry of Health:The Zionist occupation army wounded 130 Palestinians ,including 25 children,4 medical staff and journalists when thousands of demonstrators gathered in the return camps on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.
Syria /Human Rights Watch: Bashar al-Assad's regime illegally has prevented the displaced people from returning to their areas, and his forces have demolished their homes without warning them or paying alternative housing compensation.
Palestine :At least 4 Palestinians were injured when clashes erupted between dozens of youths and a Zionist military force which stormed Al-Khan Al-Ahmar junction east of the occupied Jerusalem and began to raze the streets surrounding the area.
Heyet Net/The Independent: Statistics from the British Ministry of the Interior show the rise of religious hate crimes in England and Wales,especially against Muslims by 40% in one year,where police recorded (94,098) hate crime,more than double of the total crimes since 5 years.
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