Kuwait's Al-Qabas newspaper: A study prepared by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reveals that the number of civilian casualties due to the wars in Iraq and Syria has exceeded 8 times that of lives lost as a result of the ongoing fighting in other areas.
Palestine /The Amnesty International: The Practices of the Zionist occupation authorities in the areas (Khan Al-Ahmar ) is a war crime.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health:The Israeli forces have killed a Palestinian & wounded others;after suppressing a demonstration in front of(Beit Hanoun)crossing north of Gaza Strip;organized to support the rights of Palestinian refugees &condemn the siege imposed on the sector
Anadolu news Agency: A strike has been conducted in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the Arab towns & villages in the Palestinian territories to protest against the Jewish Nation-state Law including shops ,firms ,schools ,universities, public transport.
Anadolu news agency : More than one million Syrian children in the northern province of Idlib are living a major human tragedy and facing harsh conditions because of the war since 2011, which has led to widespread poverty and security unrest.
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