Palestine : The Israeli occupation forces have arrested Palestinian citizens in campaigns carried out inside cities: Nablus, Qalqiliya, Jenin, and wounded a number of youths during confrontations in the occupied West Bank.
Syria /The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:The International coalition has killed about 30 people including children in air strikes carried out in the eastern Syria less than two days after the United States announced the withdrawal of its troops from there.
Sudan/Press sources: The study in Sudan was Suspended in all stages indefinitely, when demonstrations occurred in the country to reject the deterioration of economic conditions,resulting in burning government premises, and declaring a state of emergency after killing (8) people.
The current prime minister of Iraq has received his Australian counterpart in Baghdad in a ceremony attended by the Iranian-backed militias after announcing to recognize West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel less than a week ago by the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
Anadolu news agency: About (100) US trucks, some of them carrying tanks , drilling machinery ,minesweepers and others closed ; have been monitered returning from Syria, after the announcement of the United States to withdraw its troops from there.
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