Press sources: A report issued by the US Congress recognizes that Iran Exploits the provisions of its nuclear agreement with the United States of America and Western countries to emerge as a regional center for energy and trade and to negotiate future arms purchases.
Press reports:The Congress report mentions 5 entities receiving funds from Iran represented by the allied governments and armed factions,such as the Assad regime in Syria, the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Houthi militias in Yemen, political parties in Iraq and armed groups in Bahrain.
Press sources:The Zionist occupation forces have killed 6 Palestinians,including a four-year-old child and wounded (190) others; in a wide repression in the (West Bank) and on the border of (Gaza) and The forces of (Ramallah) have raided houses in (Hebron) and attacked men &women
The Palestinian Ministry of Health:More than (80)demonstrators were injured by bullets & bombs of the Zionist occupation army when they participated in the peaceful march near the eastern border of the besieged Gaza Strip &in anti-settlement marches in the occupied West Bank.
Palestinian Prisoners Club:The Zionist occupation forces have arrested more than (100) Palestinians,during raids carried out in occupied Jerusalem & most of the West Bank governorates accompanied by attacks,searching of houses &destroying of their belongings,intimidating people.
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