Press sources: The Zionist occupation forces have tightened the siege on the governorate of (Ramallah) in the West Bank for the second day,while the Palestinian security services suppressed a march of (Hamas) launched after Friday prayers in the center of Hebron.
The Palestinian Red Crescent Society: 39 Palestinians were injured &suffocated when clashes erupted with the Zionist occupation army,which fired bullets &gas grenades at protesters in many parts of the occupied West Bank after settlers had attacked Palestinian houses &vehicles.
Palestine/The Palestinian Ministry of Health: 33 Palestinians were injured by the Zionist occupation army while they were participating in the peaceful march to break the siege near the eastern border of the besieged Gaza Strip.
Syria / The Syrian Human Rights Network: At least 15 people were killed during torture last November by the regime; the torture approach in the country is still continuing in a regular , automatic, brutal and sadistic manner.
REUTERS: Iran is involved in spreading lies and campaigns of distortion and disinformation against countries that oppose its policy, through dozens of websites on the electronic networks.
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