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Damage of Basra City Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 December 2007 15:58


by Mohammed Kreshan


After handing the responsibilities of the security in Basrah City over to legal Iraqi forces before couples of days, there were two kinds of declarations. One was for the Iraqi politicians whom they have congratulated the action the other one was for the security men, Iraqis had showed a good deal of the possibilities of controlling the whole City. The British commanders had stood in between both groups, securities or politicians, as they were cautious between the attempt  to appear the political importance of the stage and the none ignorance of the awaiting security challenges. 


Among all these it was not so important when Muwaffaq Al-Rubai has explained the event as a victory for Iraqis against the occupation. It does not mean anything to Basrah Governor to say that it is one of a great day of the history of Basrah. But the most important in my estimation is that Iraqi commanders must declare that the mission is not so easy at all nevertheless more harder than many people can imagine...This is the brigadier general Jalil Khalaf the police commander in Basrah who declares to a British newspapers very clearly that there is 28 armed militias in the province better than his men!! They controls the City's Ports, they are getting their benefits from the Petroleum exportation and could import the weapons from Iran. He adds that it is very easy to smuggle even a tank passing through the border with Iran if they wanted to do so!  


As Basrah has been a city of militias since some time, the Baghdad government could not do anything towards it in spite of increased visits and requests. The vision were focused on these militias as they wanted to know the fate of the city upon this new test in the city without taking any care about the Iraqi Security Forces. Even Abdulzahrah Samir Al-Gatrani the member of Basrah Province has declared without any hesitation that “there is no independence in Basrah City, we are all related to a certain political group, anyone who is not related a certain group will certainly be supported by a political group.” 


It is true that the groups which control the city were recently gathered and had a meeting in one of the City's Mosques and had signed an agreement to cooperate with the systematic security forces and keep the weapons off their own. The British forces, the Ministry of States  and the ministry's spokesman said that “they had also the reconciliation of the groups before the time of handing the security responsibilities over to the Iraqis, but our doubts upon this subject are still around as when we stand on the range of the reconciliation that was definite for all groups especially the Al-Sadr movement, the Highest Islamic Council and Fadhelah Party, the city is semi-divided among them. This is for the benefits from the petroleum, illegal export, security, barricades, control and arrest the other one is to control the health and education sector, as well as the involving altogether to spread a frightening religious radicalism in the city which over forty women were killed in the events occurred on the accusation of non wearing the veil which they are forcing even the Christian women to wear!! 


Because there is no brain power of Al-Qaida elements and the former Al-Baath Party gangsters in Basrah City. So the real pressure are accumulated on these militias, if they wish they could actually done well to keep the city a kind of example test which gives the chance to say that the Iraqi Official foundations are able to hold its responsibilities if they had the real chance... If so, the idea about those who came after the occupation of the country is worse than the former regime and the occupation. What is waiting Basrah City is not so satisfactory. The British forces have drawn back to the airport only and they are ready to interfere in any time if necessary. It is not so far for the American forces to come to the city to substitute them as the British commander to the South of Iraq Gram Beans mentioned.  


For all these we can say that what has been happened in Basrah City before a couple of days was a greater tests for the Iraqi forces to control the security. However, it has some precautions, because the correct thing is either reconciliation with the State or its foundations in spite of the difficulties or turning the Iraqi State into militias’ country with no hope in at all a full failed country.       





This article is translated by AMSI Press Department. © 2007

Original Article in Arabic: خراب البصرة