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Puppet Gov. Forces Arrest Dozens Print E-mail
Friday, 30 October 2009 16:56

Puppet government police forces arrested three people claimed to be wanted in al Hadbaa area of eastern Mosul.

In al Furat area of Baghdad, continous arrest and raid campaigns perpetrated by government army forces led indiscriminate arrests of dozens. Eyewitnesses said that aforementioned forces used sectarian and irritating slogans beating civilians. During the arrest campaigns the area was monitored by American occupation forces.

On the other hand, government police and army forces arrested eight civilians in various areas of Diyala Province.

In Basra, government police forces arrested 20 people in raid and search campaign alleged to be wanted.

In Tuzkharmotu of Saladin Province, government police forces arrested three civilians who were beaten, insulted and irritated.

In Latifiya of southern Baghdad, sectarian government army forces arrested seven civilians in raid and search attacks.

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