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Iraqi Outrage Revolution Call for Next Friday Print E-mail
Saturday, 12 February 2011 14:42


An Iraqi web page called for widows, orphans and unemployed people along with thinkers to gather in Tahreer Square in central Baghdad on 25th February 2011 in protest of current situation in the country. The invitation call titled the gathering as "Iraqi Outrage Revolution" where it demanded millions of widows, orphans and unemployed people to go out of their homes for real freedom, democracy and change the situation. The call also pointed out that the posters would be "Enough for silence", "Enough for Patience" and "Do you know we even do not find anything to eat while our annual revenue of tourism, trade and oil reaches at 100 billion dollar". 

It also added that thousands of Iraqi youth have sent invitation via facebook where they also called police and army forces to be in solidarity with the people like their counterpart did in Egypt.