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AMSI denies Maliki’s Claims Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 February 2009 16:14

Information and Media Department of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) clarified the allegations made by the Office of Maliki on Tuesday morning denial the meeting of His Eminence Sheikh Hareth Solomon al Dhari Secretary General of AMSI.


The remarks in the press release talking about a national unity government are just chattering where there is internal fighting between the components of this government in recent elections. The elections show there is no unity among its members as well as that of between them and the components of the Iraqi people.

For the denial, the press release clarified it is honour for AMSI and its secretary general not to put their hands with those who came with the occupation, destroyed the country, shed the bloods of innocent Iraqis to grease their ears and took advantages of public wealth in service of recent elections for their private interests.

Related to the denial of Maliki’s Press Office on meeting attempts with His Eminence Dr. al Dari, AMSI confirmed saying that: “the denial of Maliki’s office cannot change the reality whatsoever. Indeed there have been several attempts in regard.”

The press release went on: “In response to this denial, we give names of those in the aforementioned attempts including Mr. Muhammad Allawi who met with His Eminence Sheikh Harith al Dhari, Secretary General of AMSI in October 2006. At that time Allawi was former Communication Minister at Maliki Government. His Eminence al Dhari narrated that Allawi had oral message from Maliki’s himself. From them there was also Fadil al Shara who was and still advisor to Maliki in same year where the meeting took place at Sheikh Dhari’s residence in Amman capital city of Jordan.

On the hand, another person was Mr. Fadil Abu Zagheef al Makhoul from the Ministry of State where a written request was submitted for national dialogue and been annexed to the statement as a document.”

“The reply of Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) to all of the meeting or meeting demand has not been achieved; because the other party must implement what it had agreed upon in both 2005 and 2006 Cairo Conferences prior to any meeting.” said the press statement.  

Press Statement of the AMSI stressed that the government’s attempts to contact to Secretary General are many and not the results of hours. Indeed the latest statement of Maliki’s attempt is also another attempt of others, not any other thing.

AMSI Press Department

9 Safar 1430 / 4 February 2009